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DAQ Series

1st Generation: MCU+AD/DA+ IO

 2nd Generation: MCU+FPGA

ADC & DAC Module

  • Audio Test :24-bit audio ADC, 192 KHz SPS;24-bit audio DAC, 192 KHz

  • High Accuracy Measurement:32-bit ADC, 10 KHz SPS

  • General Application:12-bit ADC, 40MHz SPS;12-bit DAC, 125 MSPS;16-bit DAC, 800 MSPS(ongoing)
  • High Speed Measurement:16-bit ADC, 125MHz SPS;16-bit ADC, 200MHz SPS (ongoing

Support the  interface of LabView and Matlab

ICT Series

  • DMM:AC/DC current/voltage measurement;;Two-wire/four-wire resistance ;Transistor test.
  • LCR:Capacitance & inductance measurement 
  • Boundary Scan:Comply with the IEEE 1149.1 standard, support internal & interconnect testing of the chip.

Controller Series

PAC Controller
  • CPU: TI AM3358, ARM Cotex-A8, 720MHz
  • OS:  Linux3.2

Automation Controller
  • OS: uC/OSIII