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Audio Test Solution

Time:2017-04-18 :admin Reading:

Seeing’s audio testing solution can be used for digital & analog audio test. It can analysis audio output signal, or generate high quality digital or analog source for DUT. 

 This solution is for production line manufacturing mobile phones, iPad, laptops, iPod , MP3 players and car stereos which have high requirements for audio quality. It is especially suitable for highly automatic production. Test the audio quality of DUT through collecting audio signal and resolution. It uploads the results to the system to be prepared for next move.

1, Simulate PDM/TDM/IIS and S/PDIF signal to drive and test Digital MIC, AUDIO CODEC, PA etc.
2,Collect simulated audio signal, analyze the signal and test the amplitude, frequency and THD+N of the signal.
3, Output simulated audio signal of high accuracy and adjust the amplitude, frequency , EQ to test DUT
4, Output and input simulated ports can be signal or multiple.
5,Collect simulated audio signal. Analyze the super-low noise in the signal. Then trace the noise.
6,Collect simulated audio signal and measure the cross talk.
7,Collect and estimate the output data of simulated audio circuit in muteness.